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Cancun Casa Catch Up, Covering the Cancun, Mexico News
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Posted by: Dangers @ 11:04 am

(Cancun Beach, North to Punta Cancun; By Cancun Casa)

  In this edition of the Cancun Casa Blog, we’ll attempt to bring you up to date on the news in and around Cancun, Mexico during the traditional “slow season”, September through late November. We’re playing a bit of Cancun Casa Catch -Up here on the news blog, so we’ll jump right in momentarily. As a sidebar, we will tell you that this time of year is a terrific period of the year to visit the Mexican Caribbean, including Cancun, the weather is beautiful, the crowds are nil and the sale prices on hotels and vacation packages extremely enticing. So, if you find your mind wandering to palm trees, moon lit beaches and a hankering for the land of the Maya, there’s likely no better place to start than Cancun, Mexico.

Hopper Dredger “Kaishuu” (Courtesy of VesselTracker.com)

(Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Hotel by CancunCasa)

(Pericos Restaurant Promotional)

(Cancun Beach, Near Playa Delphines: By Cancun Casa)

3 Responses to “Cancun Casa Catch Up, Covering the Cancun, Mexico News”

  1. Joanna Says:
    Hi Dangers, Is there any recent updates on the Mercado 28 incident from a week or so ago? Thanks much, Joanna
  2. Dangers Says:
    Hi Joanna~ there’s updated information if you haven’t seen it at http://dangers.cancuncasa.com/?p=100. The long & short appears to be; all five victims released by kidnappers, substantial ransom paid, and victims refuse to cooperate with police investigation under fear of reprisals from kidnappers. If more becomes available we’ll pass it along.
  3. casa Says:
    Intriguing story you got here

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