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September 2010
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Cancun, Mexico Celebrates Independence Day Bicentennial
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Posted by: Dangers @ 6:34 am

 The “El Grito” went off without a hitch last night on the Eve of the Mexico’s Independence Day celebrations in Cancun despite a predicted threat from Tropical Storm Karl (our former friend Invest  92 in the blog below). Fortunately, for revelers, TS Karl chose a southerly path into the Yucatan and caused little damage as a strong but small tropical storm in the area near Chetumal, Mexico, well south of Cancun.

 In Cancun, it was rough seas, a few rain showers and partly cloudy skies for most of the day as TS Karl, fortunately, failed to deliver on threats to dampen the festive atmosphere on what was to be one of the largest party nights in Mexico and longest holiday weekends in Mexico this year.

 For many Mexicans, last nights El Grito, the celebratory freedom yell, at local municipal areas, was the start of a four day weekend that includes a two day bank holiday, parades and local celebrations.

 Mexicans are also celebrating the country’s Bicentennial (from Spanish rule) and Centennial of the people’s revolutions, so this Independence Day is quite the big bang for the locals.

 Viva, Mexico! Viva la Fiesta!

(Courtesy of Diario de Quintana Roo)
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Stormbringer: Invest 92/92L Worth Watching as per National Hurricane Center
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Posted by: Dangers @ 10:14 pm

 Currently, the National Hurricane Center in the United States is watching a developing “low” known as Invest92/92L for potential storm formation and the well respected weather service, Weather Underground is monitoring the storm formation for possible tropical storm and hurricane development as early as Wednesday, September 15, 2010 near the Yucatan Peninsula. As per reports, Invest92 is developing currently, approximately 1300 miles southeast of Cozumel and Cancun over the Western Caribbean.

 Storm tracking guides indicate a likely path towards the Yucatan should the storm continue to develop as anticipated. The NHC expects that storm will likely move to tropical depression stage, a precursor to tropical storm stage, over the next day or so. Those living, traveling or staying along the Mexican Caribbean, including Cancun, Mexico should continue to follow the progress of this storm.

 It should be noted that further information and development of this system is anticipated but not guaranteed, and that while we may be dealing in the near future with a problematic storm, we could also see the storm fail to develop as per the current predictions and weather models.

 Here at CancunCasa, we highly recommend following the news on this storms potential development over the coming week via the NHC, Weather Underground, the Mexican Meteorological Service and other reliable news services. Please follow the link for further tracking information from Weather Underground: http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/

Below courtesy of the NHC:


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