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June 2024
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The Desperation Samba; Halloween in Cancun, The Day of the Dead
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Posted by: Dangers @ 11:55 am

(Margaritaville - Cancun, Mexico By Cancun Casa)

 In this version of the Cancun Casa blog, we mix up a bit of Island Sounds, add a little bit of Cancun, Mexico and a whole lot of shaking from Caribbean music maestro Jimmy Buffett and serve up the Halloween boat drinks with the music video “Desperation Samba“, alias Halloween in Tijuana, though if you listen well you’ll hear Jimmy Buffett’s references to one of  his more famous Margaritaville establishments, the now former one in Cancun, Mexico, moving to Playa Del Carmen soon, if the coconut telegraph is correct.

(Calenda Oaxaca - Cancun, Mexico :By Cancun Casa)

 In Mexico, Halloween or the more appropriate, Los Dias de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead by way of translation is a bit more subdued than in many places around the world though the Mexicans have been joining and enjoying the customary U.S. style trick or treating more and more each passing year in many places of Mexico. The three day event in Mexico features home style religious and family shrines, visits to the local cemetery with gifts for honoring deceased relatives along with decorations of graves, special meals, a special day of the angels for deceased children, and of course a bit of celebration, including decorations and costumes. In Cancun, school children will dress up for the day in many places and the same chills, thrills and spills will occur over the course of the celebrations as any where else in the world.

(Xcaret- Mock Cemetery By Cancun Casa)

 The Mayan will celebrate their own version of Halloween via “Hanal Pixan”, a celebration of life, death and the underworld common to the regional inhabitants still honoring pre-Hispanic customs of their ancestors via meals prepared for the deceased and the living alike.

(Hanal Pixan Maya Celebration Promo; Courtesy of Xcaret)

(Xcaret-Mock Cemetery By Cancun Casa)


We now leave you with a bit of the Desperation Samba, Cancun Branch, Halloween’s going to rock, Courtesy of Bombay Bob, YouTube and of course, Jimmy Buffett…

Disclaimer: CancunCasa claims no rights of ownership, use or otherwise to artistic representations, and they are only presented as part of the story line preceding them; and as made available.

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Island Sounds: Across the Pond, Asa and Fire on the Mountain
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Posted by: Dangers @ 7:09 pm

 In this installment of Island Sounds, we venture across the pond to the tropical, ocean front city of Lagos, Nigeria, located in Africa along the South Atlantic, the home of the talented musician Asa, and her incredible soul filled sounds of life and country. We’ve been listening to Asa for a few years now and are consistently amazed at the singer songwriter’s talent and ability to capture not only the feel of her country but the emanating voice of a world that begs for peace and social conscience.

Lekki Beach, Lagos: Courtesy Wikipedia

 Now before we start spinning from the soapbox and get ourselves accused of hugging trees and their like, not that there’s anything wrong with that, especially a hearty palm tree loaded with coconuts, waiting on a bottle of Barcardi Anejo Rum, we’ll let the music do the talking and introduce to the Island Sound collection, the songs from a lady, playing across an ocean, that reminds us that people, pretty much are the same everywhere.

Lagos Island and City Skyline: Courtesy Wikipedia

 As such we proudly offer up in this version of the Island Sounds Blog, the wonderful Asa, performing “Fire on the Mountain”, courtesy of YouTube, Asa, and Youtube member Raydee27.

Folks, when it comes to music, it doesn’t get much better than this…




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A Dedication: To someone very close that I recently lost in my life…
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On a Personal Note…this one’s a dedication to someone very close that I
recently lost in my life…It’s my fondest hopes that I’ll be back and
posting regularly in the near future…Dangers.

Courtesy of YouTube/no1deanofan; Nat King Cole Merchandise is available at http://www.natkingcole.com/store.aspx
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It’s Almost Time…
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