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June 2024
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Missing in Tulum; The Dana Rishpy Story
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In today’s blog we’re taking a somber look at a missing persons case that is still open and unsolved as to the whereabouts of Dana Rishpy, an Israeli National, traveling alone, who was reported missing from Tulum, Mexico during an extended vacation to Mexico on March 31, 2007. Dana Rishpy by all reports was a young woman filled with life and adventure, cherished by her family and friends. Some time in the early morning hours of March 31, 2007, Dana Rishpy left a party at a nightspot in Tulum with a young American male, based on reports, after a night of dancing and partying.

(Dana Rishpy: Courtesy of her friends at:http://israblog.nana10.co.il/blogread.asp?blog=385585&blogcode=6387592)

She was never seen again.

Dana Rishpy left her belongings including her passport and flight tickets with another American man, Matthew Walshin, whom she had met earlier in her trip. Walshin is considered by many, according to reports, to be a person of interest to authorities though most reports to date have indicated a lack of substantive evidence to link Walshin to Rishpy’s disappearance other than his rather odd behavior since returning to the U.S.

Rishpy’s parents contacted the Israeli and Mexican governments shortly after losing contact with their daughter. The last message they had received from their daughter was via e-mail on March 28, 2007 stating that she had arrived in Cancun and was heading south towards the Riviera Maya. Two days later, she headed for the Southeastern town of Tulum, Mexico, famed for its seaside ruins along the Caribbean and known for its laid back backpacking style to many young tourists.

Extensive searches by the Mexican Police assisted by representatives from the Israeli Consulate were inconclusive and hard evidence remains scant to her location or to what may have happened to her. The family claims the Mexican Government has been less than helpful despite the widespread searches that in one instance had alleged eyewitness reports of Dana Rishpy in Belize and yet another, a potential eye witness to a heavily drugged young woman in Playa Del Carmen seeking assistance with a less than helpful male. It’s highly inconclusive whether either of these reports were accurate.

Rishpy was just shy of 25 years of age when her missing report was first established and it has been two years since the initial report.

As may be expected, her family is desperate to locate their daughter and has mounted a widespread campaign over the last two years seeking information regarding their daughter.

There was also a protest at the Mexican Embassy in Israel in 2008 regarding the case, below, on video, via YouTube.

The Dana Rishpy Case was also featured on “America’s Most Wanted”.

Anyone with information regarding Dana Rishpy should contact the police immediately along with the nearest Israeli Consulate and her parents.


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