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January 2016
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Welcome Back My Friends to the Show that Never Ends…
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Posted by: Dangers @ 9:40 pm

As the old Emerson, Lake and Palmer song goes, welcome back my friends, so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside…

 For those that know me and those that don’t, a little catching up to do, I’ve been on a writing hiatus for some time, having become obsessed with a little slice of the Mexican Caribbean’s paradise lost that has long had my attention. Long gone are my writings and rants on U.S. Politics, Irish Nationalism, Music, Poetry and the Professional Sporting Scene. Now, I’m not saying, an occasional rant here and there might not pop up from time to time, just that the last book I read by Hunter Thompson before he died almost made Bob Dylan sound intelligible.

 So, as the world of Gonzo journalism lost its icon and folk rock lost its voice, I slid under the radar and into the mainstream before the pterodactyls could catch me, hanging on Thompson’s “edge” to long, and surviving, gave me a new found respect for the cave bats and Jimmy Buffett’s island escapism. Along the way I kept the Abandoned Luncheonette but moved onto the Cafe as this pirate put forty astern.

As it is, I’ve carved out a little space in the cyber world that I’d been holding onto until that earth shattering novel comes tumbling out under a blizzard of Mojitos that will have Hemingway sitting up in his grave. With this blog, I’ll try and spotlight the Mexican Caribbean, particularly Cancun, for better or for worse, toss in a few tall tales in between while drifting off into an occasional daydream that would make Syd Barret proud. If by chance I’ve lost you already, that’s alright, keep reading the blog and I’ll bring you back, I promise. Though I will tell you that if you’re easily offended, commonly pedantic or think that all of us bought into the kool-aid of the Bush Generation, you may want to look elsewhere.

With that, we’ll post our first official blog of the season and I hope you enjoyed the audition.

Seamus “Dangers” O’Mangan

Come inside, the show’s about to start….