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February 2009
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In the Real World They’re Shutting Detroit Down
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Posted by: Dangers @ 11:06 pm

Earlier this day, a friend in the virtual world turned me on to a terrific music video called “Shutting Detroit Down” on the situation in Detroit, Michigan, the struggling U.S. home city to the near bankrupt Big 3 of the American auto industry. Of course, Detroit’s not all cars, it’s also people, hard working Americans, generations of them in some cases, on the brink of depression like conditions in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Detroit’s not alone, all over the U.S., economic conditions are decimating the working man and woman, the poor, the retired and those that can least afford it.

 State’s like Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Rhode Island all join Michigan as the first serious victims of the U.S. Recession and it’s spreading like wildfire, masked only by statistical inferences and thought by some that it isn’t happening here, at home, in my backyard, well think again, it is and it will. All across America people are losing jobs, life savings, their homes and their hopes, it’s occurring to our neighbors, our family members, us individually.

It’s time to wake up my countrymen to the fact that no one is immune and that while we that are still alright sit and wait for the devil at our door, he’s already at our neighbors door and our neighbors need help. Let’s not sit by idly watching our neighbors moving out in the middle of the night until it is our turn to feel the wrath of this economic crisis, let’s stand as one and quit pointing fingers and start finding solutions while lending a hand along the way.

Detroit’s as good as any place to start and we had better do it soon before the ghost of Tom Joad is upon us.

In any case, courtesy of a find by Michigan native “Michick“, here’s John Rich’s, “Shutting Down Detroit” via YouTube;


And, what’s this all have to do with Cancun, Mexico?

Quite simply, the problems in Detroit, in Michigan, in the U.S. quickly become our southern neighbor, Mexico’s problem, when Mexican immigrants start losing jobs just like many other Americans and send less money back home to their Mexican families or none at all, when Americans buy less products manufactured in Mexico and when the hardworking people of city’s like Detroit, Michigan all over the U.S. can no longer afford that Mexican vacation or honeymoon in Cancun or elsewhere.

We’re all in this together folks but that’s for another story.

…In the real world they’re shutting Detroit down...