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September 2022
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Cancun Casa’s Tropical Weather Update, Take the Weather With You
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Posted by: Dangers @ 11:30 am

 Just when everyone thought that this tropical weather season was going to be an idyllic balmy version of Caribbean sea breezes and wavering island palm trees, the weather gods decided to make up for lost time, delivering a series of storms that had the folks at the National Hurricane Center churning out storm reports in a rapid fire approach. The NHC was so busy they had four storms tracking at the same time in the North Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, one headed for the Caribbean, the now downgraded but still feisty Tropical Depression Ana, that became the first named tropical storm of the season. We also saw two minor disturbances turn into rainmakers in Invest 90 and Invest 91 in the Gulf of Mexico, just off the coast of Florida with Invest 90 surprising everyone by turning into Tropical Storm Claudette and threatening the Florida panhandle.

 And, then there is our second named storm of the season, now duly noted as Hurricane Bill, a category one, North Atlantic  hurricane that the professionals are predicting will continue a curvatured northern track out at sea somewhere between Bermuda and the US coastal Carolina’s as the storm builds to potentially a category three hurricane or greater.

 Currently, the remnants of tropical depression Ana are moving on Puerto Rico with a further breakdown in strength predicted as she crosses over land. Most storm trackers believe that Ana is on her way out as a major storm and the likelihood of regeneration as a tropical storm or stronger highly unlikely. Ana was the one storm that had perked up the eyes and ears of those with interest in the Mexican Caribbean as at least one major tracking scenario had her heading for the Northern Yucatan. Thus far, what’s left of the storm appears that it will have little to no impact on Cancun, the Yucatan or Mexico, we do however advise monitoring the situation, the weather business when it comes to tropical storms being something always subject to change, so take the weather with you, whether it’s via television, internet or newspaper.

 Hurricane Bill as we stated earlier currently looks to be a completely North Atlantic event based on the weather tracking but warrants a watch until the storms position and movement prove the forecasting experts correct. Hurricane Bill is currently out in the vast North Atlantic and is predicted to be a category three hurricane by Wednesday.

 Tropical Storm Claudette, since downgraded, made landfall early this morning at Santa Rosa Island just off western Florida’s Panhandle with sustained winds near 50 mph but has dissipated since making landfall becoming a heavy rainmaker. Invest 91 attempting to tag along with TS Claudette appears to have settled down into just a rainmaker.

 We would remind our readers that we are currently in the heart of the hurricane season and those in the Gulf, Caribbean or North Atlantic areas effected or those with travel plans to or from these regions over the next few months need to keep abreast of the tropical weather situations. Here at Cancun Casa, we’ll try and keep you informed and up to date particularly to situations along the Yucatan and Mexican Caribbean, especially Cancun, but we highly recommend visiting the major weather sites, particularly, NHC:Tropical Storms and the folks at the Weather Underground, below,..and of course checking back in with us.


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