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July 2024
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Cancun Week in Review: Been Away, Haven’t Seen You in a While…
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Posted by: Dangers @ 8:56 am

Been away, haven’t seen you in a while…How’ve you been…

 In truth this blog’s writer has been on a bit of hiatus for a week or so due to some of life’s trials and tribulations, regular followers of the blog will note the loss of a dear friend of ours, Carney, in the blog below this, while we’ve been dealing with some other serious issues as well. As the old adage states, when it rains, it pours, and life’s been dealing us quite a soaking lately. However, it has occurred to us via the thoughts of the more intelligent of the sexes, my wife, that we live to write and write to live here, and I had better get back to writing before I start waxing poetically about country songs, old hunting dogs and pick-up trucks. Though, I might send you a sawbuck if you picked up on the song and verse in the blog title.

 Well, what about Cancun you say, you came here to read about Cancun, Mexico or some such thing, to ease your mind, dream of Caribbean Beaches and mist about breezy palm trees while drowning in Pina Coladas in the sun drenched land of the Maya, amongst the ancient pyramids of the gods, with pterodactyls aloft overhead, before partying with the moon to the techno buzz of Cancun nights. Well, hell, we’ve got that too, why didn’t you say so… ;-)

Cancun, the Week in Review:

(Courtesy of Cancun.travel)

We’ll leave you with one of our favorites in the Island Collection, a YouTube video by rodopchanka featuring the music of Enya doing “Caribbean Blue”. This is one of those laid back beautiful songs that echoes the Caribbean video footage attached, enjoy.


5 Responses to “Cancun Week in Review: Been Away, Haven’t Seen You in a While…”

  1. Kierra Paul Says:
    thanks for the share!!
  2. PennyPenguin Says:
    Billy Dean ~ We Just Disagree http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDyx10eukUI Thanks for all the info. I’ve been lurking for awhile. I thought I’d leave a comment.
  3. Okie Says:
    Glad to see your return to the blog Dangers. When life throws a lime your way, make a margarita out of it. Okie
  4. Dangers Says:
    Penny~ right song!, though I much prefer the Dave Mason version written by his friend, Joe Krueger. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7tCJISqZz4&feature=related
  5. Dangers Says:
    Okie~ thanks pard, most appreciated! ;-)

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