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January 2021
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Island Sounds: Jimmy Cliff, The Harder They Come, the Harder They Fall
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Posted by: Dangers @ 9:24 pm

 For years, I’ve been addicted to reggae, especially live reggae, the insidious disease infected me at an early age while diving in the Bahamas and later in the formative years of Senor Frog’s in Cancun while the nightspot was still attached to it’s sister in the franchise world, Carlos & Charlies far from both their current locations in the Cancun hotel zone. It was in those years past that I was cutting my teeth on the “Legend” Bob Marley and the rest of the Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, and before them all, the Maytals.

 If there’s ever been a style of music that captures the Caribbean Sea and her island soul, reggae must be it, the descendant of Jamaican “ska” and evolving “skank” music, reggae seems to conjure up the soulful sounds of 500 years of post colonial exploration or exploitation, as one may have it. Just listening to reggae one gets the feel of palm breezes, the laid back beaches from Cancun, Mexico to Montego Bay, and the stirring sounds of the wild Caribbean night.

 So it’s with great pleasure, we bring to you our most recent addition to the Island Sounds collection, the King of Kingston, Jimmy Cliff, a legend in his own right, doing “The Harder They Come, the Harder They Fall” courtesy of YouTube member “Malchick76″ and http://www.soundboyamerica.com.

 The video is from the 1972 soundtrack of the film of the same name starring Jimmy Cliff. If you’re interested in this and more, including the sounds and life of Jimmy Cliff, we recommend the official Jimmy Cliff site http://www.jimmycliff.com/v-css/home/


3 Responses to “Island Sounds: Jimmy Cliff, The Harder They Come, the Harder They Fall”

  1. elmo Says:
    Hi Dangers, funny you should have this on your blog, I recently watched the movie after reading the First Rasta, about Leonard Howells start of Rastafarians. Great book, and great movie. Thanks for taking me back to Jamaica for a few minutes……..jean
  2. Dangers Says:
    Jean~ you’re more than welcome and I’m glad to have a kindred soul to share the music and some of the history behind them with as we continue here at Cancun Casa to explore the Island Sounds and Beach Music of not just the Caribbean but around the world. ;-)
  3. elmo Says:
    Dangers, Love you and all you do to bring the news of Cancun and all of the caribbean to us…….god bless…………jean

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