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January 2021
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Cancun, All the News Fit to Blog
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Posted by: Dangers @ 7:20 pm

  One of the great things about blogging Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean is that it’s rarely boring as for whatever reason, there always seems to be something on the horizon, something in the rear view window or something happening as we prepare to write. As such this week’s no different, Cancun, consistently on the rebound these days has taken Hurricanes, Swine Flu, Drug Wars and World Recession all in stride, while maintaining, and once again establishing itself, as a premier world class travel destination. In this blog we’ll try and bring you the news you may have missed, updates on news you may have read and perhaps, some news you’ll find of interest along the way, so sit back, relax a little, open a cold cerveza and listen to some music while catching up on Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean.

Upcoming Events:
Top Model Competition from June 19th through the 26th at Real Resorts…more information at http://www.topmodelinternational.com/2009/activities/index.asp
Chacah Garden Anniversary at Xel Ha: July 11th, 2009

And, thanks to our friends at Cancun.Travel, we bring you this video and testimonial of a recent visitor to Cancun…Art, we’ll make you famous.

5 Responses to “Cancun, All the News Fit to Blog”

  1. Okie Says:
    I like the addition of the background music on the blog Dangers even though sometimes I have to turn the TV off to read the newspaper. I can’t help it if I can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Keep on doing what you are doing by keeping folks informed. Okie
  2. Dangers Says:
    Thanks Okie for the continued visits and support, the music and me just seems to roll together, in this case JJ Grey and Mofro doing their new Gulf of Mexico/ Florida hit “Orange Blossoms”. I’m glad most folks are enjoying the music and the diversity of some of the artists, and I always like to give good music and the artists, old or new another listen. ;-)
  3. Gill Says:
    Hi - i am the grand-daughter of missing Julia Howard. I wondered if you could help me with getting the profile of my Grandmothers disappearance raised? It has now been a week since she vanished from the Moon Palace Resort and my family are feeling that the help they have recieved from the police and the hotel is simply not good enough. Thanks.
  4. Dangers Says:
    Hola Gill(?)~ my thoughts and prayers to you and your family for finding your grandmother safe and sound. I’ve e-mailed you privately also, Godspeed.
  5. Jesse B. Says:
    I will email resources giving the links to your story. My Dad is 85 years old and he writes, he has written his biography(he’s still alive so writing goes on),researches political views,keeps abreast of world news through internet usually and he has an opinion. My point is, He is in very sound mind, he could probably sprint, if he wouldn’t have a heart attack trying. Too many things have happened in that area, not to be suspicious of foul play. A 77 year old usually has more sense than to wander in the jungle. There should be some traces of your Grandmother if there had been an animal attack. Her hat, shoe, clothing blood, something. All due respect intended. This is a link to the RED CROSS, which is a NATIONAL Organization. The UK can also communicate with them as well as the United States , Scotland, and any other country that is tied to the RED CROSS. I don’t think they have search services, but I know they have many links and resources that can assist in this tragedy.It is worth a shot. http://www.cruzrojamexicana.org.mx/pagnacional/f.jsp?id_formulario=18;greg.abbott@oag.state.tx.us;I am emailing state depts. in U.S. so they may contact the proper people and get something going. Best regards

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