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March 2009
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Lazing On a Sunny Afternoon, in Cancun
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Posted by: Dangers @ 6:21 pm

Or a strange thing or two happened on the way to the cantina…

Now, it has occurred to me over the years that age and staying out late just aren’t what they use to be when I was still a pup exploring the outer edges of Cancun and the rest of the now named Riviera Maya. It’s not that I’m not a night owl, I still am, it’s just that all this real world living over the years has me more of a morning shaker than I’d like to be. Sleeping in and carousing the night away use to be the rule of thumb, especially while in Cancun but my partner in life, the lovely Mrs. D, more commonly known as Ruth or as nicknamed, Norma Rae, is the social opposite, a dreaded early riser of the first order, one of those jump from the sheets to the shower to the door folks. As such, every trip to Cancun seems to find me turning in earlier and earlier, of course that’s no so bad, as I get to have coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream on my balcony every morning watching the Cancun sunrise, early day beach walks and we’re generally a couple hours ahead of most of the pack of our fellow travelers by doing such.

Hell, we even get to see who those mysterious phantoms are that save beach and pool lounge chairs by the droves in the wee hours of the morning at most resorts. Strange misshapen people with bad hair and mismatched clothes carrying all sorts of hidden valuable items in the chase to get the best spot in the resort for a few hours of glorious sunbathing. Apparently towels aren’t the only thing you can save lounge chairs with you can use flip flops, sandals, magazines, key chains, beach bags, children, and even hats.

I’d like to thank the people for the key chains and books particularly, the book made good reading on the way home and I needed a new Cancun Key Chain for the keys to the John Deere.

As you might presume, Mrs. D and I don’t opt for the “Save a Chair, Before Combing Your Hair” theory of sunbathing. In any case we’re usually out and about anyway, in the sun but doing our own thing by lunchtime even if Mrs. D has developed a penchant for tacky poolside bingo games with cheap trinkets as prizes. This year she beat them for a Mexican blanket that will make a fine bed addition for one of our Labrador Retrievers and it even matches the rooms decor.

Usually though we’re out, as in gone, off resort, away from the madness of lounge chair savers, cheesy bingo and drinking games, and this weeks Mr. and Mrs. Cancun contest. This past trip we spent many a R&R period sipping and drinking cold cerveza, tequila, Barcardi Anejo and Havana Club with a few cokes and a hundred or so bottled waters thrown in for good measure during the afternoons, exploring some old haunts, finding some new ones and flopping where we may. You see, we take the party with us.

One of my favorites is the touristy but fun Margaritaville franchised by Jimmy Buffett and a bunch of suits in Florida. Give Buffett and the suits credit though, the bars are fun, have better than average chain style food and the music works, especially in a place like Cancun. If you look closely enough, you’ll see a pre Hurricane Wilma Dollar Bill signed by yours truly still hanging over the bar.

On St. Pat’s afternoon, we skipped the obvious in Pat O’s Cancun version and opted for a couple Caribbean front beach spots in Playa del Carmen, the spring break loud but crazy Senor Frogs and a cantina who’s name escapes me but had great cerviche and cold beer a block or so away on the beachfront.

Later in the trip we stumbled upon the new cantina that replaced the late great “My Place” in Cancun, in the old clubs location is now the La Bodeguita del Medio, a Cuban franchised bar and restaurant featuring the sounds and cuisine of Cuba. The food here is terrific, the Mojito’s first rate and refreshing, and the service excellent despite some of the rather odd stares I encountered when taking pictures. I mean c’mon guys, this here Gringo doesn’t look anything like an immigration agent.

Yet another day snuck in early courtesy of the new opening of the new restaurant and bar at the site of the former Friday’s a new regional Mexican eatery called Calenda Oaxaca. This is one we’ll have to further explore on our next visit. The drinks were cold, the folks working there extremely friendly, and the menu looked enticing.

Then of course we had to grab a few beverages of our choice at the Hotel.

And a drink or few on the beach.

Then there were those places off the beaten track that a stop on a hot, dusty road is a must.

Along the way there were others, tiny hole in the walls, the tourist traps and the places we stopped when we were just plain thirsty. Like the gal in the photo above, too much this and too much that can lead to an early siesta on those hot afternoons especially when traveling within the tropical forest to places like the major Maya Ruins at Coba.

Coba, Mojitos and more in our next blog, stay tuned…

And I love to live so pleasantly, Live this life of luxury, Lazing on a sunny afternoon, in Cancun…